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Quick Facts

Client Truckeroo
Reason for Project School Assignment
Programs Used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver


This website was created as a project for ART360, Designing for the Web. As this is a class that focuses more on the visual side of web design, my focus on this project was mostly on front end design (which was the parameters of the assignment).

I made the logo and the vector images (the food in the header and the trucks) with Adobe Illustrator. The idea of the color pallete was to match the retro feel of the drawn images. Overall, I wanted the site to have a similar feel to that of an infographic.

The site is not complete. The assignment was to create a home page and two secondary pages. However, I would like to go back and change the site to be a one page layout rather than multiple. I think that it would function better that way, and just make more sense.


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