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Client Jada's Java
Reason for Project School Assignment
Programs Used Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver


Senior Capstone is our final class to pull everything that we've learned together and use that knowledge in one site. We went through the entire process of building a site - from making project proposals for clients, to creating content strategy and mockups, to coding and testing the site. The clients were fictitous, but were treated as though they were real.

The design of the website can be as large of an aspect as the overall look, user experience, and feel of the entire website or it can be as small as the handpicked color scheme or custom made logo. I spent a great amount of time in the design area as a whole making sure everything looked cohesive and professional, was easy to use, and stayed true to the business. From using font icons for social media icons to cut down on load time to creating vectors for the menu page and home page, the graphics play an important role in the design of the site.

The rest of my time after the planning stages was spent on coding. I created the static HTML pages and CSS first, including the responsive side of design, and then I integrated PHP. Using databases and MySQL, I created a user and admin system that allowed the admins of the site to update and add content to almost all of the pages making the site dynamic. Users are able to keep track of their favorite menu items through a favoriting system I created using joins. The site also keeps track of the user's birthday for his or her's special birthday treat.

It is to be said that the images found on the "about" page do not belong to me and were just there to make the fictitious company feel more real. I did, however, edit the image of the truck to make it fit the description of the truck that the client gave me.

Jada's Java

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