What I Do

Front End Design

Fluent in HTML and CSS, I write clean front-end code to design all sorts of websites. I make sure that each website is set up with the user's ease of use in mind.

Responsive Design

I understand the importance of making a website viewable and usable on all differently sized screens. Users need to be able to access content on both a phone and a computer.

Back End Development

I use PHP, MySQL, and databases to create dynamic websites that make it easier for the owners to update their own website.

Content Management Systems

Primarily with background in WordPress, I create custom themes and can incorporate various widgets and plugins.

Social Media Networking

Having a presence in social media is important these days. I am well versed in many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Graphic Design

I have knowledge in graphic design that allows me to create beautiful websites and graphics. I have background in Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

What I've Done

Who I Am

Jordyn Nehmsmann • johr-dn neyms-men • (n)
1. Web Designer 2. College Graduate 3. Lover of polka dots and friend to all giraffes

A 29 year old college graduate with my Bachelor of Science degree in Web and Interactive Media Design, I set out to continue growing my knowledge and skills. I love designing websites for small companies from start to finish. I discovered my love for web design 15 years ago. It started off with simple HTML layouts and blossomed into complex sites with multiple pages and server side coding. From a very young age, I have not only enjoyed, but excelled at, being creative and making things. I later learned that I equally enjoyed hard coding as well as the graphic and design portion. It was because of this that I decided that I wanted to do both, and not just coding or just design.

Besides web design, I also enjoy beautiful weather, geometric shapes and patterns, vibrant colors, and singing along as loudly as possible to songs. You might find me binge watching one of my favorite TV shows, practicing my hand lettering, or spending a lot of time playing Nintendo or Playstation. Photoshop is my favorite program, and creating digital art might possibly be my most favorite thing to do. Beyond that, I spend a great deal of time with friends and family.

Resumé PDF available on your desktop and tablet.

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